Ithikial’s Combat Mission Career Record System Modern Era (Includes Cold War)

All the Data!

Ever wanted to have an accurate record of your Combat Mission exploits?
Ever wanted to have a record of the number of Pixeltruppen you’ve sent
to their virtual graves?

The Combat Mission Career Recorder is a simple MS Excel workbook (2007
or later required) that does all the calculations for you after you’ve
entered some simple information from the AAR screen of a battle. Single
player, multiplayer, any CM2 game… this system has it covered. As a
bonus it also makes lots of pretty graphs from your results.

Read me files are included. If you need some extra help then check out
this video tutorial at the link:

(WW2 version is used in the above tutorial, though the concepts are
identical between the WW2 and Modern Era versions).


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4 thoughts on “Ithikial’s Combat Mission Career Record System Modern Era (Includes Cold War)

  1. I made some (somewhat sloppy) modifications to this so I can input my stats for the graviteam tactics series as well. Would you be okay with me reuploading it?

  2. On a similar note would you be okay with showing me how to add more dates to the calendar of carnage part? The game I added to it goes back to 1942

  3. Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time! You have increased my leisure time from Combat Mission many times over!

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