Modern Combat Sounds Compilation By Audgisil

Over the years there have been a number of sound mods. This mod borrows heavily from those previous efforts, but I couldn’t even begin to say which files are from which various different authors. However, they deserve the lion’s share of the credit here.

So what makes this mod unique?

  1. I have tried hard to strike the right balance between overall quality and individual file sizes. Also, this mod only replaces the existing sound files without adding additional ones in order to maintain good overall performance.
  2. It focuses on combat sounds (weapons, shots, explosions) and voices. This is where I feel that Combat Mission’s default sounds are a little lackluster.
  3. I’ve concentrated on realism with an emphasis on distinct weapon sounds at appropriate relative decibel levels (I’ve heavily altered many of these), realistic bullet snaps, etc. I’ve also mixed and matched a lot of voice files so it doesn’t always sound like the same person speaking.
  4. This mod was put together for Combat Mission Black Sea but works perfectly well with Shock Force as well.

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