[CMRT] Wrecks PK2

CMRT Wrecks PK2

FOs RT PK2 is done same procedure as PK1 !

Thus let’s start.

First you have to install the Editor buttons mods from @rockingharry

For every (FO) 16 slots can be used in the editor.

But to keep the original one always available, I will be starting with the Num 2 or later.

I choose the following FO’s.

Cart or Hancart



Thus, the procedure!

Put the FO’s Folders of your choice in your Z folder

Let s start the game and go to the editor.

Load a map campaign or scenario

Click on the category of FO’s Bin, Barrel,…of your choice, and the choosing number.

Check the 3d view on your map and place the wreck correctly, save it eventual in a different name as the original.

Then let start.

Thanks to :





For some differents infos and tips supports.

Mod will be available, on the CMMODs thanks in advance to @Bootie.


critics advices…



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