CM Flames Mod

This is another version of the flames files including flames noises.

Tis Mod can be used for every CM game Module also the awaiting CMSF2 and more…

Listen tanks and vehicles burning and feel the hot, but with the time, the vehicles in flames noise, will decrease and be more quiet until you will listen, a soft little flame burning the last page of the manual of “The good soldier in war”, and a crack of match, from a smoker of your squad.

You will have an overview from burning vehicles and a feeling of extrem hot and a sound disturbing your ears…don t be to close from vehicles burning!! 

This Mod dont disturb any others sounds or visuals movements in game, the size of the file is only bigger…this is the only difference !

Recording about 10 min, details have always a good and a bad side:
this cost time is nice to your ears or your eyes but the
!!! File very big !!!

But Me love details…thus !

Because is a sound on loop, be aware about your sound level volume, when he starting reading again, the difference of sound is enorme!
remember …a feeling of extrem hot and a sound disturbing your ears…!!

I was trying to decrease also the pictures of flames, but by default of about 20 ímages/sec I will need approximatively 2000 pictures…thus…be happy with !!!


Deziped the rar file, to find a (.brz file) put in your Z folder of your CM, dont worry about your original one, he will not be altered cos the Z folder will take priority to be reading, but I dont think I have to tell you !!!

If you dont need it, simple…don t install it !

Hope this will be helpfull…!!!

Like always >>>>>

If you don’t like It, just put it out of your Z folder
(the taste is “delete” of your keyboard very easy).

I ask you to comments about these Mod !!




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