Xacto’s CMSF2 Camo Theme

A menu mod for Combat Mission Shock Force 2.
Includes multiples UI screens and a full set of module icons.


1. Open your Combat Mission Shock Force 2 and open the Data folder.
2. In the “Data” folder, create a new folder with a single letter “Z” as the name – if it does not exist already.
3. Place all the mod files in “z” folder
4. Run CMSF2 and enjoy!

1. Locate the application CM Shock Force 2.
2. Right click on the application and select “Show package content”
3. Navigate folders to /Contents/Resources/Data
4. In the “Data” folder, create a new folder with a single letter “Z” as the name – if it does not exist already.
5. Place all the mod files in “Z” folder
6. Run CMSF2 and enjoy!

F U L L  M O D   L I S T
force choice screen background.bmp
force choice blue button down.bmp
force choice blue button rollover.bmp
force choice blue button.bmp
force choice red button down.bmp
force choice red button rollover.bmp
force choice red button.bmp
force-specific background red 3.bmp
force-specific background blue 1.bmp
force-specific background blue 2.bmp
force-specific background blue 3.bmp
force-specific background red 1.bmp
force-specific background red 2.bmp
control panel background rt.bmp
control panel background tb.bmp
soldier view background.bmp
sup panel background.bmp
unit view background.bmp
air support 1.bmp
air support 2.bmp
air support dim.bmp
air support down.bmp
air support.bmp
artillery support 1.bmp
artillery support 2.bmp
artillery support dim.bmp
artillery support down.bmp
artillery support.bmp
uav support 1.bmp
uav support 2.bmp
uav support dim.bmp
uav support down.bmp
uav support.bmp
special equipment at4.bmp
special equipment atgm.bmp
special equipment binoculars.bmp
special equipment breach kit.bmp
special equipment demo charge.bmp
special equipment eryx missile.bmp
special equipment gill launcher.bmp
special equipment gill missile.bmp
special equipment gustavat.bmp
special equipment gustavhe.bmp
special equipment ied detonator.bmp
special equipment igla.bmp
special equipment javelin launcher.bmp
special equipment javelin missile.bmp
special equipment laser designator.bmp
special equipment m72law.bmp
special equipment night vision.bmp
special equipment panzerfaust3 rocket.bmp
special equipment panzerfaust3-it.bmp
special equipment panzerfaust3.bmp
special equipment panzerfaust3t rocket.bmp
special equipment rpg rocket he.bmp
special equipment rpg rocket.bmp
special equipment rpg7.bmp
special equipment rpg16.bmp
special equipment rpg18.bmp
special equipment rpg22.bmp
special equipment rpg26.bmp
special equipment rpg29 rocket.bmp
special equipment rpg29.bmp
special equipment rpo.bmp
special equipment smaw.bmp
special equipment smawat.bmp
special equipment smawhe.bmp
special equipment smawthermo.bmp
special equipment sraaw(m).bmp
special equipment stinger missile.bmp
special equipment stinger.bmp
special equipment tbg7v.bmp
load progress screen red bar.bmp
load progress bar dim.bmp
module icon nato.bmp
module icon british.bmp
module icon cmsf.bmp
module icon marines.bmp
network join screen background.bmp
network host screen background.bmp
network join connecting screen background.bmp
briefing bubbles.bmp
load game screen background.bmp
main options screen background.bmp
quick battle screen background.bmp
splash background.bmp

I plan to continue to add more mods to this theme, so let me know if you have any suggestions.
Mods are free, however if you feel the need – tips are appreciated.



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