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**NSFW** Australia Appreciation Thread

West Australia, a state of contrasting emergencies at the moment (remember its summer down here)

* Just come out of a 5 day lockdown, after their first COVID case since March last year ;D

* NE Perth is in day 5 of a major out-of-control bushfire, with 86 or so houses lost (fortunately no fatalities)



* Way up north (about a 1000km; WA is a HUGE state...) a tropical low has brought floodwaters to Gascoyne. Go figure.



@Concord - You alive buddy?

Apparently the remnants of that cyclone is going to dump rain on us this weekend and hopefully put out that fire. :) Got lucky this time as I'm south of the river. Few mates semi-close to that fire and got a bit dicey for them.
@Ithikial yeah, luckily, thanks. Hope all's well for you too mate.

Hope the rain puts it out. The last few days in Perth have been heavy with smoke and ashes falling from the sky eh? :oops:
What a spew for those folks who lost everything. Living out of a car with pets and kids FFS.
Western Australia generally has a good community spirit though, in times of need.
In fact that's the same with most communities around the world I think.

I went out today for the first time this week. Weird to see everyone in masks. Kinda' spooky.
Unfortunately we had to cancel my elderly Father's birthday celebrations because old folks homes will be locked down for another week.
We've been spared most of the world's troubles here through 2020, but I have relatives around the world, in Canada, Europe and the US.
All the best to everyone still bearing the brunt of this crappy virus.
Yes, I live near Armadale and hear the chopper getting water from Champion Lake. Today we can exercise after 6 pm without a mask. For once I agree with the premier, hotels were not designed to be quarantine centres. Took them only a year to find out that one. Still, we are luckier than most. Kind regards @Concord @Ithikial
It would be weird for me to see people without masks now.
Yes, we are out of 'Lockdown' but masks are compulsory for another week. We have been lucky with this virus but it is not over by a long shot.
I'm wondering if the rail link east out of Perth has been cut? Been seeing a lot of trucks heading to/from Perth the last couple of days carrying stuff that normally comes in on the train to Kalgoorlie.
Amazing how many Sandgropers are here on this forum. Albeit I am an imported one. :)
Lots of misunderstandings about Covid. The Virus doesn't kill anyone, the human immune system fails and 1% of infected people die. So, if 50% get infected in West Australia we get 10000 fatalities instead of 9. Mask easy to test light a candle and try to extinguish it with a mask on. The inconvenience of a mask is a small price to pay. Kudos to the young people.
Had no idea you guys were burning down the house...again.
Hang in there mates! (y)
Thanks, it is seasonal, Perth is weatherwise like San Diego. I was there three years ago.