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Field of Glory II: Empire Builders

The Blue Banners seem unstoppable!


Next stop for the Blue Horde is BYTHINIA.

Sherman, set the WABAC machine for 7th Century BC somewhere south of PONTUS EUXUNUS.

Urartian 681-585 BC vs Assyrian 681-609 BC in the hill country of the Middle East.
Challenge created by @Badger73 13 Jun 2020 08:41. Password = "HailFGM"
The battle for SYRIA is over and the province is now in the welcome embrace of the Yellow Rico Empire.

We move right along to the next battle draw:

Battle 1: BYTHNIA -- @Badger73 vs @Wellsonian -- Urartian 681-585 BC vs Assyrian 681-609 BC Password = "HailFGM"

Battle 2: ASORISTAN -- @Rico vs @Nelson1812 -- Babylonian 626 - 539 BC vs Achaemenid Persians 547 BC Password: FGM1

FOG-Empire Builders 013a.jpg
Well played Rico.
Thanks @Wellsonian -- fun battles -- I was lucky that my gamble of massing nearly all my Byzantine cavalry on the left flank paid off, while the other side held ... also having some really lucky dice rolls helped a lot this time round.
Sometimes all it takes is for an enemy unit not to break for several turns to spoil your day. :oops:

The Byzantines remain a really tricky side to play...

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Excellent -- we move right along...

This round we focus on the south-eastern bits of the map... here is the draw:

Battle 1: MAKRAN @Wellsonian vs @Nelson1812 -- Ghaznavid 962-1187 vs Indian (Rajput) 650-1049 with Indian (Hindu North) 600-1049 Allies pw: FGM1

Battle 2: AETHIOPIA @Rico vs @Badger73 -- Kushite Egytptians 727-656 BC vs Egyptians 664-571 BC pw: FGM1

FOG-Empire Builders 014a.jpg

Lots of elephants in the first ( @Nelson1812 will be happy :) ... lots of chariots in the second... let battle commence!