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Field of Glory II: Empire Builders

Alas... my imperial ambitions lie crushed in the desert sands along the upper Nile in AETHIOPIA ... the Blue @Badger73 Empire marches on relentlessly.

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Thanks, Rico. I think many of your dessert die rolls were stung by vipers and scorpions! :shocknaz:
The Badger Kingdoms set their eyes on RAETIA ET NORICUM in the early Sixth Century.

Ostrogothic 493-561 AD vs Lombard 493-567 AD, North European Woods.
Look for Badger73 challenge created 26 June 2020 09:18. Password = "HailFGM".
Battle is joined against @Badger73 Blue hordes in RAETIA ET NORICUM ... another tricky map... cavalry and lancers galore!

Battle against @Badger73 is basically over ... both battles bloody shockers in terms of die rolls ... first one got killed off within 4 or 5 turns by 5 or 6 ridiculous die rolls that ended the cavalry battle there and then ... second battle just as bad -- doesn't matter if I flank, rear attack, surround ... it's just "hold firm", "hold firm" ... my guys, one whiff of an enemy attack, they virtually immediately fold.

I surrender, this is pointless.