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Field of Glory II: Empire Builders

The Wellsonian empire grabs SKANDZA, winning as the Vikings (-29), while losing as the Normans (-16). Both were very fun games, and were close. Thanks @Rico!

Good battles ... my Norman infantry folded like a cheap deck of cards... but fun games as always.

@Wellsonian can now make a grab for another territory for his rapidly expanding empire.

We'll wait for outcome of @Badger73 and @Nelson1812 battle to see who fights next round.

FOG-Empire Builders 003c.jpg


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All's done! Well played Badger73!

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Making quick progress here ... the Wellsonian Empire already on 3 territories ... the Rico Empire lagging behind with only its base territory of Armenia so far... some catching up to do. :2charge:

Here next round of battles:

FOG-Empire Builders 004a.jpg

@Nelson1812 and @Rico fighting over BRITANNIA SUPERIOR -- Ancient British 60 BC - 80 AD vs Romans 105 - 25 BC

@Wellsonian and @Badger73 fight it out over DACIA -- Dacian 89-106 AD, with Sarmatian allies 25-375 AD vs Germanic Foot Tribes 105-255 AD
Cool, we can move on to the next round of battles...

@Nelson1812 wins the battle for BRITANNIA SUPERIOR (3 turns to go on second battle, but the plump lady has sung and the victor is clear)

@Badger73 wins the battle for DACIA

FOG-Empire Builders 004a.jpg

So... done the draw -- same opponents as last time: :2charge:

@Nelson1812 picks next battle -- with @Rico defending

@Badger73 picks next battle -- with @Wellsonian defending

Good luck ... I definitely need some of that :LOL: