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Panzer Corps 2

So after I "Escaped from Stalingrad" I was presented with two options: (1) continue to Kursk, or (2) evacuate Sicily. I initially chose Kursk, then noped right out of it as soon as I saw the mission briefing.

So, Sicily it is. This is a defensive scenario, which means hold certain victory hexes for 15 turns, or lose. One thing I found out right off the bat is the USA sure loves it's Air Force (or Army Air Corps back then, I suppose). Yes indeed. Cue "Highway to the Danger Zone" music......
Ok, I can't believe I've played this long and don't really know the answer to this. In some (all?) scenarios that have Victory Hexes that must be captured or protected, most have a solid line around the hex, but some have a broken ("dotted") line. What is the significance of the hexes with broken, "dotted" lines? Are those necessary for victory, or are they merely secondary objectives for extra prestige?
I think the broken line indicates a fortified hex of some sort. I have been trying to finish an OOB campaign, very similar to PC2. While you can progress without completing the requirements for the secondary objectives I think it makes your task harder, in that you do not get the bonus for their capture. So you go into subsequent scenarios in a less than optimal condition.
What kind of girl talk is that? ;-)
It's for those of you who complain about the game being too hard. The Norway North is quite difficult. The French Foreign Legion and the Brits seem tough. But the Norwegians don't seem too shabby as well. Playing on middle difficulty.
It seems the Norway North mission is better fighting by avoiding the road up towards Narvik, or whichever city there is in the NV corner, and go up with the landing shafts instead to avoid the forts shooting at you and most of the enemy troops waiting to attack you. Thoose obstacles can be dealt with on the way back south.
I think I'm on the last scenario. Defending the Fatherland against the 'Muricans and Brits. We were basically told to come home with our shields or on them, and if we die, to die with honor. Well, due to the, um, liberties I have taken with the game so far, I have a rather elite force. Let's see what happens.....