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Panzer Corps 2

I have been a bit side-tracked with TOAW IV, but yeah, the AI can give you a pounding if you choose the wrong strategy. Similar to OOB, the AI has a seeming mountain of assets. But, they will not do anything if you do not go into their zone - maybe to indicate a lack of initiative. So, I have found so far, that you have to ignore your rear lines - ie don't leave any screen - and attack the source of supply. This can mean bypassing entire cities/formations/victory locations and then circling back down. Armour for encirclement, the rest for reduction. Avoid any 1/1 exchange type battles, you cannot afford it. It would seem a bit "gamey" to most of us who have played more traditional mil sims. Not bagging the game, it is what it is and it does provide an enjoyable puzzle to solve.

At General, let alone higher levels, I am thinking you have to win every scenario well, as in achieve all victory locations and keep your Core Units, to have a good chance of achieving the same in the next scenario.

Some of the uber-turkeys on the forums brag about amazing results with force compositions I can only dream about. I'm guessing they repeat turns until they get a desired result before moving on. I'd suggest most of here are more like let's just play the game and enjoy it for what it is. But it can mean you get to the later scenarios and run into a wall of units you just cannot beat. This can mean restarting the campaign and learning to win the earlier scenarios more effectively or going the "gamey' route if you must win.
My cheating consisted of giving myself basically unlimited Prestige, so cost of replacements/upgrading units was of no concern to me. But even that wasn't enough for this scenario, so I also increased my maximum number of core unit slots by 10.

What I would not allow myself to do was use "God mode" to divinely heal any units or magically place units on the map, or to do anything to any Soviet units.

Another thing that helped was in the final two attempts I purchased the Gustav railroad gun, which was devastating to whatever it targeted.