7 thoughts on “CMBS Donetz airport (4550×2700)

  1. This is a QB map that can be played on either Side, Ukrainian and or Russian. The Russian objectives are the airport terminal,the control tower and Spartak. VP and objectives are clearly defined on the map. The file must be put in the QB folder. Be Sure to select attack in order to see the file in the list. Another important thing is to select at least 1 hour playing time, since the units moving on the map 4550 X 2700 size will take some time to move to their defensive spots and or deployment area if they are attacking. My best advice would be that You should have some listening posts in order to have somehow a situation awareness of the enemies. Have a good fight.

  2. You can visualize a 3:30 minutes video of the battle of 1 hour I fought against the Russians attacking my airport positions. The setting of the forces is set at Medium. I think that a higher setting will slow the game and too many troops on the map will not help at all the player. Beside it will be unrealistic IMHO.

    Youtube Link:


    1. Hi Victor,
      Sure you can use it as long as you mention that it is made on a map and or part of a map made by me (Snake.Eye). Let me know when your scenario will be available.

  3. Magnificent map, I’m likewise looking at using small chunks of it in the editor (full credit/links will be given of course).

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