CMBS Getting Ugly by Cpl Steiner

The Russian 9th Motor Rifle Brigade attempts to destroy fleeing Ukrainian forces falling back across the Vorskla river. Best played as Red vs. AI. This is a conversion of a CM:RT scenario of the same name by TheVulture.

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Author: Cpl Steiner

2 thoughts on “CMBS Getting Ugly by Cpl Steiner

  1. Lots of fun to play. I enjoy scenarios about this size. Commanding a force about 2 Companies in size.
    If the blue enemy force had held their ground defending the one river crossing. I think I would have had some serious problems. However the enemy got greedy and they were force fed some tasty sabot!!

  2. I agree with David. This is a fun scenario to play. It’s quite long and large, IMO. You need to be methodical to fight through the various enemy lines of defence. I liked the way the last bunch of reinforcements was in trucks. The computer does some crazy things, like zooming across the battlefield with some of its tanks just as I was about to sneak up on their flank. I did have a bit of luck (or AI not getting its priorities right) at the end – I sent an empty truck laterally across the map, intending to pick up various infantry and cross the ford on the very left flank, where some of my troops had a bridgehead. They’d never get there in time on foot. A hidden 100mm AT gun blew the truck to pieces, revealing its location. I splattered it with airburst from my remaining BMP3. If it had just ignored the truck (as a worthless target) it would have got a go at my BMP or some tanks that were heading into its gunsights. I’d say a 4 **** scenario.

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