Ambush Tutorial (US Infantry)

Here’s a ‘tutorial’ scenario that takes a US infantry PLT through a point ambush. Most of the steps are within the Mission Briefing. This is one of the first scenarios I’ve done working with the ENY AI. I’ve generally used the SQD Ambush Ranger Board (level 20/30) and it’s still applies fine for a PLT as well.!AgRdcbi8Fjli9E8xTOboMwLH5iQh?e=xLBuyh

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Author: Colin Davis

3 thoughts on “Ambush Tutorial (US Infantry)

  1. This looks amazing. Where can I find explanations of the different acronyms? I couldn’t find “IOT” when I searched globalsecurity’s list of field manuals.

  2. Any chance we could get an English translation for the briefing? I’ve been in the military a long time and understand acronyms – but seriously?

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