CMBS Summer In The City By The Forger

Little bit left field, even a bit bizarre but Ive chosen Worcester, UK as the location for this battle.

Map not a 100% accurate due to patience, some limitations with bridges etc, but I gave it a go and hopefully does it some justice.

Its my home City and I was interested in exploring some of the terrain features that would cause issues tactically for an attacker.

The City is dissected by an elevated section of the Great Western Railway which runs East to West and the Birmingham Worcester Canal which runs North to South parallel to the River Severn with its road and rail bridges.

Strategic Situation:

The Russians are now in retreat, with intel from our recon, we believe they are conducting a tactical withdrawal from the City tonight.

They have managed to extricate a large portion of their heavy equipment to the East of the River and are denying UKR the Road Bridge with a Rearguard Force to enable as many of the straggler units to cross as possible.

Join UKRs Colonel Zhakun to trap and destroy these forces with reinforced elements of his 14th Mechanised Brigade and secure the Road Bridge.

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8 thoughts on “CMBS Summer In The City By The Forger

  1. Each block is brutal! I really like this one. Thanks for putting the time and effort into this. Outstanding job, sir!

  2. Cheers Chris. Very much appreciate the feedback. Although on the ambitious side I enjoyed putting this together.

  3. The Russian artillary and Air power was murderous. The grenade launcher teams were also brutal. I would get to a good overwatch position, only to find there were no windows facing the right direction. Digging out the Russian tanks was tough work. Great fun, and very difficult.

  4. Summer in the City is a great Scenario with a fantastic map, well done. I spent hours playing this Scenario. This is a tough one.

  5. This is a very good battle from a fighting perspective. Tanks, infantry, helicopter, jets, artillery…..everything you could want! It being fought in a city with bridges makes it just that much harder.

    Unfortunately, not all of the objectives are the same for both players. I always find this difficult as you/your opponent basically get ‘free’ victory points for holding an objective that the other does not know about. This can make a decisive victory more difficult because each side is getting a good number of these ‘free’ points. When my Russian reinforcements arrived, I immediately encountered resistance on the main road. I thought that I was being very clever taking hard right and arriving at the main bridge objectives by lesser traveled roads, thereby forcing my opponent to shift his resources to stop me. Instead, he was quite happy to keep everyone in place, and by going to the right, I gave my opponent a major objective without even knowing it. For my part, I always prefer two opponents fighting for the same known objectives. 🙂

    Still, it is a great battle fought in a city….very difficult going for both sides. Lots of action! Lots of tense firefights! Thanks for having built this scenario for us.

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