7 thoughts on “CMFB Rollbahn D -Full Campaign

    1. Yes, Tom. The 7 scenarios are also included in the Full campaign so you can delete 0-48 if you want to.

      The first scenario in the new full campaign gives you the option to skip ahead, allowing you to start at scenario 8 if you want to.

      If you do its an easier route as you haven’t had any core casualties.

      But I didn’t want to force players who had played 0-48, having to play the same scenarios again.

  1. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but this campaign file will not show up in the games campaign list, despite being extracted into the correct folder

  2. This is just an update to a previous comment I had left regarding the campaign not appearing in the game list, despite being installed to the correct folder.

    FIX: Un-install game, delete folder under Documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg (make sure you retain your save files before deleting)

    Re-install CMFB, re-activate and launch the game

    Exit the game once it has loaded

    Re-install the campaign and re-launch the game

      1. I am using 2.03 Engine 4. You could also try one of the scenarios as all the missions have been uploaded individually.

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