Neighbours From Hell

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Separatists with Russian Spetsnaz support assault a Ukrainian Army held village west of Donetsk in the lead up to the war. Play as Red, Blue or HTH but best played as Red.

Cpl Steiner

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4 thoughts on “Neighbours From Hell

  1. Excellent scenario and a very good map. Liked the way you have to complete it before the enemies bring on substantial reinforcements – ass kickin’ a comin’

  2. Hi, I need some help, please!

    The scenario uses the separatist skin (by Blimey) and originaly would comes with the mod but there is no mod file in the zip, only the .btt file.

    I tried to solve the issue, I have some experience about mods but I am very beginner to CM…I found the basic separatist skin mod in the warehouse (Blimey’s Ukrainian Separatist Mod V1) but as far as I realized the scenarions which use other mod(s) are somehow tagging that mod and I can’t find out yet how this works so cannot link the mod from the warehouse with the scenario.

    The author says this uniform mod (brz file!) by Blimey uses the “separatistinfantry” tag…maybe this version of the mod uses different tag? however the warehouse mod contains only bmp files. Anyway most (or maybe all) mod files that I have are direct wav, bmp…files not brz. How is it now? I am confused 🙂 I read the developer’s general info about the mods and the brz stuff is that a past? Now we dont need to mess with brz files?

    Thanks for reply in advance!

  3. This has the makings of a very good battle, but the Ukrainian reinforcements arrive too late and as a result, the second half of the battle does not occur.

    The first half of the battle is the Russians attacking weakly held objectives. There is nothing much that the Ukrainian forces can do other than inflict some light casualties. I was ok with this because I thought that I would ‘get ‘im good’ when my reinforcements arrived. They did arrive in two waves, but about 10-15 minutes too late.
    I took risks and drove them ‘Quick’ to the roads and ‘Fast’ down the roads, but by the time they arrived mid map, the Russians had completely withdrawn….and there was still about an hour left on the clock.

    If the Ukrainian reinforcements had arrived 10 – 15 mins earlier, it would have a great Part 2 to the battle. The Ukrainian side would have had to decide how fast to travel without getting bogged (conditions were extremely wet) and whether to stay on roads and attack up the centre – or go off road (slower, high risk of bogging) to hit the enemy on the left and/or right sides of the map.

    The Russians would have had to decide whether to run for the exit, to stand and fight from the houses and woods or to do both (tactical withdrawal with a covering force to cover the rapid retreat of the other forces).

    But all of this was not to be because by the time the Ukr reinforcements reach mid-map, the Russians are gone or almost gone.

    I would recommend having the UKR reinforcements arrive 10 – 15 mins earlier……my two cents….. 🙂

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