CMCW- Team Yankee’s First Battle

The Colonel was about to leave when the earsplitting screech of two fast moving jets flying at treetop level cut him off. Both Bannon and Reynolds turned in the direction of the noise just in time to see two more jets come screaming into the valley from the east, drop lower, and fly up the small valley on the right of the Team’s positions. Bannon couldn’t identify just what type of aircraft they were, but a glimpse of the red star on the fuselage told him everything that he needed to know about the two jets. The waiting was over. The balloon had gone up. Team Yankee was at war.

Captain Sean Bannon’s tank heavy company “Team Yankee” defends a small valley and fights its first battle in the opening hours of World War 3.

This is version 2.0 with an updated map

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10 thoughts on “CMCW- Team Yankee’s First Battle

  1. Thank you for creating and sharing this scenario.

    I have not read the book, but when played H2H this scenario is totally unbalanced. The US side completely outmatches the Soviets.

    1. David…this is a recreation of the battle in the novel. It’s not meant to be hard for the U.S. It was a slaughter in the book.

  2. Hello. Is it possible to have these PDF files of Red Thunder – soviet in World War III, World War III: Warsaw Pact, Free Nations, Oil War, British, World War III American, Soviet and West Germany for free? Please

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