CW CMBN – Troteval Farm


A composite rifle company from the Fusiliers Mont-Royal Infantry division with support from the 27th Armoured Regiment is tasked with the re-taking of the Troteval Farm, north of Verrieres, France, on 24 July, 1944. They are facing elements of the Infanterie Division 272, about 1 company in strength with some support from the heavy weapons platoon. Note this is a converted (by me) ASL scenario.



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3 thoughts on “CW CMBN – Troteval Farm

  1. Spoilers… after playing scenario……
    I played this scenario vs the AI. My plan was to move up infantry in to a position ideal for an attack after the tanks arrived. I moved one platoon to the right and one to the left along the sides of the map and in to the woods above and on either side of the Farm. One platoon moved to the right and lined up along the hedge row facing the left flank of the Farm. The fourth platoon stayed in the center. The infantry moved in to position with little or no shots fired. When the tanks came on I had one go left towards the woods above the Farm, one right towards the center to fire down the length of the rock wall and the HQ staying just between the two covering the houses and out of reach of fausts. I then moved all the infantry towards the Farm with the tanks covering firing. All hell broke loose and there was firing in and from all directions. With firing coming in from the front, flank and rear the Germans stood little chance and the Canadians came away with a total victory. Perhaps as a better balance, setting up the Germans more in the houses or give emplacements to those units in the open. Maybe put units in the second stories or perhaps extending the German setup left and right to prevent the Canadians from moving up on both sides of the map without coming under fire. Perhaps reduce the armor to two or even one tank.
    But all that would only be for play against the AI. I’m sure H2H would play very differently. All in all it was a very enjoyable scenario to play. It was fun to move to stealthily move in to positon, wait for armor and assault from multiple angles at the same time. As with other Canuck21 scenarios this led to several minutes of heavy firing and excitement.  Thanks Canuck21 and keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Man, thanks for this. Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit with a brother who is in the hospital and didn’t see this until just now.

      Really appreciate all your comments and I’m glad you enjoyed the scenario. I am seeing a bit of a trend in my scenarios from the feedback I’m getting, which is they tend to be fast and furious but end early. I need to master how to draw some of these out, and your comments and suggestions especially are helping with that greatly. Much appreciated. I hope things will settle down a bit for me in August but it may be September before I can get back to the scenario designing work. However, I am taking notes from these and will definitely employ them (along with a few other ideas) in future scenarios. Thanks again for this.

  2. I just played this on veteran as Canadians vs. AI. Total victory in 20 minutes.
    I pushed two platoons down the right flank. The leading platoon continued to the woods and the follow-on platoon stopped along the hedgerow and spread out. The third platoon advanced slowly directly in front of the German starting position in order to get long range fire onto them and keep them occupied.
    The tanks constituted my left flank, and advanced unimpeded.
    If I may, a suggestion? Entrenched units are harder to winkle out. Also, perhaps a 50mm AT gun for the Germans? It seems like something they would have brought along.
    Keep up the good work! I have enjoyed the Canadian scenarios.

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