5 thoughts on “What’s Up With That No. 1

  1. Thanks for creating and sharing this scenario, much appreciated.

    Some feedback from our game below (SPOILERS!)…

    Our experience playing this H2H was that it was a very one-sided battle with the attacker overwhelming the defender.

  2. I played 1a as the attacker. There were some surprises that were fun but the inclusion of all the mortar tubes made it unbalanced in the attacker’s favor. I found it a bit too easy to come at the town from two directions after plastering the place with a whole bunch of mortar rounds and then just shoot the defenders with my infantry as they displaced under fire. Did you design this under 3.x? – as I am sure has been pointed out ad nauseam, one of the things about the 4.0 engine for the game is that if you’ve got lots of artillery you can really mess up someone’s defenses just by bombarding them until the AI decides its time to run away rather than hunker down. To give the AI defender a chance, really cutting down on the artillery complement would be helpful.

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