CMFI Ortona City Map


This file includes a map of the Italian city of Ortona. There are no AI plans or forces included- just the map. But this is a lot of map! So place the forces and make the AI plans. Also feel free to divide this into smaller parts as you need. Please do credit me for the map if you do release anything publicly. I would enjoy seeing things done with it, so do share with the community.

The map is as close to historical as I could hope to get it. I used the overlay with a period aerial photograph and many smaller maps depicting the area. Locations of individual buildings should be fairly correct, along with terrain heights and other features. I have made amendments and additions here and there, but always in the spirit of accuracy and in game use. These are largely in adapting roads to straighten them and some adjustments for obvious line of sight issues. Rest assured that everything is considered and evaluated in honoring the history.

Thanks to BFC for the best game-within-a-game (The Editor) ever invented.

Enjoy this map and use it!

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  1. I took a look at this and for the most part good. The actual graveyard, which probably didn’t feature much in the actual fighting, is much different than a standard CM graveyard. Rather than just stone markers sticking up, the graveyard in the actual terrain consisted of large crypts. You can get a sense of these by using the modern Google map. Could probably model this with 1-story houses and removing the walls.

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