Primosole Bridge, Fight to Survive


This is a fight for survival. The British force is out numbered, out gunned, and surrounded. They have parachuted scattered and missing all heavy weapons. Their radios don’t work. Even worse, they only have a quarter of the troops that should be there.  Amazingly, they still think they can accomplish their mission!
 It’s the first day of Operation Fustian, July 14th, 1943. You take command of the 1rst Airborne Brigade. The mission, capture the Primosole Bridge from the Italians and beat back the German counter attacks.  The dilemma, are you going to save your force from annihilation, or are you going to hold out at the final objective?
This is an all infantry brawl. The Green and the Red Devils are locked in a battle for their existence. The British, a wrong decision and two battalions of crack British Airborne troops are written off. The Germans could push too hard and fail to recapture the bridge. The British 8th Army would have a free ride to Messina and doom the axis forces in Sicily.
Against the AI, it is recommended to play blue side. However, the Red side has its fair share of challenges.
This scenario is best played head to head. The first hour is a teaser. The second hour….. is a fight for survival.

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