4 thoughts on “AD Mine Mill Mountain [updated 26/01/2016]

  1. I tried different approaches and ended up with the same result. the Germans have a wide field of concentrated fire that I was running uphill. hopeless without plenty of artillery. Maybe veteran quality troop would help.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Samuel. I’ve tweaked some things and will be updating this scenario. You are the first one to say anything about this map so I greatly appreciate it.

  3. Just noticed this in the “also recommended” list. Playing it now. Terrific map. Thought it might be too narrow, but as I get into the scenario I think there will be an adequate amount of room to maneuver. This is a very imaginative map, very well done and unique use of terrain. Great change from the usual CMRT swamps and farmland.

  4. Just playing this today – several times. Great map, but it is very hard to win.

    With only an hour, you are asking a force that is only a little larger to take out a force in an immensely strong position with good fields of fire. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I don’t think you are allowing enough time, giving that you are asking the attacker to climb a mountain, and take out a defended urban area, with about a 1.5:1 force ratio. It’s a big ask to do within an hour or so. Ideally, you’d need at least another cavalry squadron, and a wider deployment area. The present area limits you to just one corner of the map.

    The two downsides –
    1. I think this is probably more to do with the game engine – the machine gunners have a habit of wandering about in the woods (and getting shot in consequence), so I suspect short move lengths are the best way a player has to control this.
    2. A lot of the map at the top, while very nice, just isn’t being used by the scenario, as the action is taking place in the town area. Adding a radio station, or something similar at the top of the mountain to be captured might make use of that area, but if you do that be sure to give the attacker more time (and I’d suggest more troops too).
    Despite the aforesaid, the scenario is fun and a real challenge.

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