CMRT- German Tank Tactical Problems

I trust you will relish the challenges and opportunities that this series of tank tactical problems offers within Combat Mission. The primary objective was to provide players with a sandbox environment to explore both a doctrinally ‘correct’ approach to utilizing German armor in Combat Mission, while still working within the game engine’s limitations, and to encourage experimentation with their own tactical strategies when confronted with the scenarios’ challenges.

It includes a PDF that hopefully will act as a tactical primer providing top tips and handy hints for the newbie panzer Zugführer!

I’ve meticulously designed this series to progressively immerse players in a series of increasingly intricate organizational and tactical scenarios within Combat Mission. Consequently, it is my hope that these scenarios will appeal to both seasoned Combat Mission players and newcomers alike, providing an engaging and demanding experience.

In the first scenario, you assume command of a platoon of armored units accompanied by an engineer section in rolling terrain. The second problem presents the player with more intricate terrain and the command of a reduced tank company, complete with SPW equipped panzer grenadiers. The final challenge will test your combined arms mettle as you lead a full tank company, a SPW panzer grenadier platoon, and receive artillery and engineer support in an assault against a Soviet PAK front in open, rolling terrain.

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Treadhead peacenik with a fascination for recreating historical #armoured actions from the Eastern Front using Battlefront's Combat Mission.

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