2 thoughts on “Cutting The Line

  1. Really enjoyed this…still in progress, advancing steadily…SPOILERS.

    Briefing: Excellent briefing…well polished and complete. I always appreciate a tactical map to orient myself.

    Map: Also very well done for a small scenario. Lots of terrain features to fight through…that hill with the wall was particularly nasty. I love to play small scenarios (<1 hr) so this map is the perfect size. You packed a lot into a small map….which is great. Map making is an art I am just starting to try and learn.

    Force balance and play (LOTS OF SPOILERS): Very well balanced with lots of nasty surprises. I had to start over when that first T-34 came rumbling up and blasted away and my infantry….the second time my Panzerfausts got him. Had to coordinate a flanking attack on that hill position…very interesting little tactical problem. Now I am going tank hunting in the rubble and have just brought up my StUG, so we'll see how that goes. I know there are a couple more T-34s lurking out there, so patience will be in order. Getting to the objective will be tough, but I think doable. I assume the Russian AI will have more nasty surprised for me…but I captured that hill, so I am pretty happy so far. 🙂

    OVERALL: Very fun little scenario. Lots of tactical problems, nice balance, and only 1 Hr, which I really appreciate.
    For your first battle, I liked it a lot…it's a great map…would love to cross it over to CMBS and play too!

  2. Agree. Haven’t finished yet, but very entertaining. I like the effort to put varied weapon loads in units. Grenade launchers, fausts in HQ, etc. Map is like a puzzle.

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