7 thoughts on “CMRT Der Ring Der 5 Panzer Division

  1. After the scenario is loaded, I have got a “out of memory” message. I have the latest version and have never experienced this problem playing very large battle before. Has anyone encountered the same problem?

  2. A monster scenario that was a tough slog. Minor spoiler – It quickly becomes apparent that your infantry are your limited resource in this fight. Was tempted to ceasefire a number of times and wasn’t looking forward to trying to take the last two objectives with my battered companies that were down to around a platoon strength each. Luckily for me the Soviets lost the stomach for the fight.

    Great scenario for those wanting to fight big battles commanding multiple fronts.

  3. man was looking really forward to this battle but about 20 minutes in i just couldnt handle the absolute atrocious frames i was getting and i have a 2060 with a i7 7700k more then enough to handle this game thats graphics reside from 2007 and none of this was the author and designers fault map was great and what a shame i wasnt able to fully enjoy it to its full potential. battlefront really needs to optimize their games cmon man its 2021!?

  4. Hi mate
    Hhmm not sure why you would have that issue. I’m running a i5 chip with a GTX970 and can run it fine at best settings. Might be worth checking that the game is using the graphics card. Not my forte this but worth checking some of the info at the BFC forum regarding settings?

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