6 thoughts on “CMRT – Kampfgruppe Bauer 1943

    1. Sorry about that. The campaign needs the Fire ad Rubble Module, since I use Panzer IIIs (which were still common in 1943) – should have mentioned this.

  1. No, my own fault, Andreas. I’ve installed your campaign in the wrong map. I do own Fire and Rubble and took a look at your campaing. Nice map and well made, my compliments.

    Perhaps you should announce your campaign at the CMRT forum.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for submitting a new campaign to the community!
    On the campaign loading screen the title is “Kampgruppe Tretter”. So the obvious question is: is it Kampgruppe Tretter… or Kampgruppe Bauer?

    1. Thanks for the observation. I will change this in a later version.

      In the article of Johann Tretter he claims that he was commanding the Kampfgruppe. In the Kriegstagebuch of the 9. Panzerdivision I could only find a Kampfgruppe Bauer with the same elements. Currently it seems (based on the original sources) that Hauptmann Bauer CO I./Panzerregiment 33, Proposal for Ritterkreuz 17.8.43, KIA 10.9.43. commanded the Kampfgruppe.

      Leutnant Tretter is mentioned as WIA on 22.8.43 but without a reference to his (command) function, although it seems he had just finished the training for company commander.

      So I changed the name later in the development from Tretter to Bauer.

      In the campaign I put Bauer as CO for the I./33 and Tretter as CO of 1./10 (despite doubts). There is another “candidate” for the CO role of 1./10 (Lt.d.R. Grimmler who is mentioned as CO of 1./10 on 5.8.43 and 5.9.43) without any mention in the WIA/KIA list. So most probably Grimmler played a role too. Maybe I’ll find some new infos next time I visit Freiburg 😉

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