El Derjine Campaign


Situation: Enemy Forces
Enemy situation as indicated by S2 should consist of a reserve battalion and teams, manning strong points from the vital Dam’s bridge, and then along the only sufficient road between El Derjine town and the Al Hillah village. They will be mostly deployed near the Tlemcen valley around the Tlemcen and or sidi Belkacem passes, blocking the access to the Midoum village and on to Al Hillah. No armor is expected on these hills. However we might expect to face reinforcements around Al Hillah and maybe some armor on its flat land, specially near the Kerbala gap
Situation: Friendly Forces
The 1st battalion USMC is providing the main force for this swift offensive; All the subsequent details will be made available to the unit commander and NCO as suited.  You have to know that if we should for any reason back up from our main first and second objectives, that the fight will be taken over from El Derjine either by Army and or Marines units counter attacking or going into defense.
Mission: Overall Description
Our mission is first to air assault LZ Diamond, to move immediately toward Farani Rach village and use it as a Fire Base in order to assault, seize and secure the bridge of the Farani dam, which is essential for our opening offensive toward Sidi Brahim, Happy Valley and the China curves road. Second to assault Sidi Brahim –Objective Normandy. Third to follow up on objective Midoum and its near  high grounds. Fourth to secure Al Hillah and make it a staging area for our final assault through the Kerbala gap ^

Execution: Commander’s Intent
All objective details will be handed on time for the planned assaults as the situation unfold.
To be only played Blue against red A.I with CMSF – USMC Module V 1.20
Designer : Gke “Snake eye”  09/02/2009 – Your much needed comments and advices on snake.eye@club-internet.fr

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