A Helluva Road Opening


This scenario is taking in account some tactical issues that have been encountered in the past and present years battles in Afghanistan. For obvious reason all the names of the geographic locations and of red and Blue units that had been involved are not real. The AO is presently unstable and besides Johnson airport, still not reopen and the Nira Dam FOB and OP that we control, all around is Indian Country The Nira MSR is open every three days, in the morning by the 3rd and 4th Platoons / B Co of the ANA 4th battalion in order to resupply the NIRA FOB and its OP manned by the 2nd Platoon.After a near miss on an Apache last week, theirs assistance in providing security during the road opening has been denied ever since.We have no intelligence on the Mujhadeens groups which seem to have infiltrate in fair numbers since the last 2 weeks in the vicinity of the hamlets of Sidi Bou Saïd, Al Farouk and Hassan. Our forces are made of the ANA B Co / 4th battalion “Suliman” 3 Rifles platoons, HMG and MG section being beefed up with “Dare devil” 3rd Regt, comprising  a scout platoon “ hawkeyes”, 2nd, 3rd Rifles and 4th Weapon MGS platoons, B Co (-) “Tiger” 2nd Battalion with “Havock” 2 X 81mm mortars in support and Fire Base “Rosario” 4 X 120mm mortarsThe ANA has on loan a platoon of 4 MTVR from the Marines 2nd Platoon.“Tiger” 2ndplatoon has its Strykers unavailable due to the fitting of new up armoured kits for the next 2 weeks. The weather forecast for the next 24 hours is west, light wind, warm and dry with a slight haze. Open the road from Johnson to the Nira OP, starting at 06:10 with the ANA, while providing them a constant overwatch on the MSR Nira from Johnson airport ridge, the Nira FOB and OP. Be advice that the Hill 54 tower outpost doesn’t respond to our call since 04:00 AM. It is assumed that it has fallen in enemy hands. The ANA forces will advance and recon by fire, if necessary the MSR up to the Nira OP and then secure the Nira bridge  At 06:10 AM the ANA forces will proceed cautiously as said, and pay a particular attention to hill 54 tower. The tower should be taken and not destroyed in order to provide for a FO, a view of the valley lying ahead. That done the advance can resume. A Recon Platoon (-) of 2 BTR from 3rdBattalion has be called at 05:00 AM and should arrive around 06:20 AM. If the ANA gets into a fight, it should not attempt to get through, but should consolidate and leapfrog forward. Be aware that the road sides and hamlets might still have some scattered mines lying around from unknown minefield dating back to the Russian.The “Dare Devil” force will assist The ANA in fulfilling its mission, up to the Nira outpost if needs arise, as well as providing security for the airfield by securing the nearby hamlet of Al Farouk.The ROE is to overrule the use of mortars unto the hamlets, unless absolutely necessary. The destruction of hill 54 tower and of the hamlets houses will have great incidence in the fore coming talks the province Governor. We don’t need that at a time when we are a month away to be relieved by the UK forces. They say enough that we are too much Gung HO.Last thing. We have 2nd platoon (-)/C Co/3rd batt/5th regt with 3 brad’s and a support from their 2 X 120mm mortars, that could be available at midday.That’s all gentlemen, dismiss!To be only played Blue against red A.I with CMSF – USMC Module V up to 1.30Designer : Gregory KELLER “Snake eye” 11/10/2010 – Your much needed comments and advices on snake.eye@sfr.fr

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