Consulate Evacuation


It is spring in the fictional third world county of Abbudin.  As spring began Abbudin was racked by political and sectarian fighting which further degenerated into civil war with multiple factions competing for power. Warlords, religious leaders, and elements of the military fought each other and the ruling family for control of the country.  The swiftness of the disintegration of civil order, complicated by poor infrastructure left many pockets of non-combatants stranded across Abbudin. Diplomatic and humanitarian entities in Abbudin report brutal and barbaric behavior by certain militia groups fueling concerns for friendly non-combatants.

A US Army Stryker Battalion was in the allied county of Yekrut, which borders Abbudin, conducting joint military maneuvers when the situation in Abbudin deteriorated.  The Stryker Battalion received orders to cross into Abbudin and conduct operations to secure and evacuate US and Allied non-combatants.

Take command a reinforced stryker platoon (Combat Team Two-Bravo-Three) and evacuate non-combatants from a consulate that is under siege in the Abbudinian city of Al Mout.  The US Marine detail assigned to the consulate is running low on ammo.  You must link up with the Marines and escort the non-combatants to a landing zone (LZ) for helicopter evacuation.

Blue vs AI only.  Marine module required.  Urban terrain.  Two AI plans.


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