USMC Cmpn 07 Safita H2H


Based on decisions made previously, 2nd MEB are engaged along Route TIGER, the axis SAFITA-SHIN. 26th MEU has been spearheading the drive on the city of SAFITA. Friendly Druze fighters have been guiding US units through local mountain passes and trails to bypass Syrian forces. Based on information received from friendly Druze forces operating in the area, the VILLAGE is currently occupied by light irregular forces. However, regular Syrian army units are stationed nearby to the north and south of the VILLAGE, and are in position to react quickly to any attack. 1st Plt(+), Echo Co will seize the VILLAGE in order to ensure the later capture of SAFITA. This scenario is originally from the stock USMC Campaign. It has been lightly modified for H2H play. Original Scen design by Sgt Joch.

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