CMSF Qarmat Ali QRF

After finishing lunch on 05 August 2004 at your base location in the Shatt al Arab hotel, 6 Platoon, B Company, 1st Battalion the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment (1 PWRR)) which was on duty as the Battlegroup armoured Quick Reaction Force (QRF) was hurriedly summoned to the Operations Room to be briefed on the enemy situation at the Qarmat Ali Bridge.  Half of the Platoon (2 and 3 Section) crashed out of the camp immediately.

This mission is based on a real action which took place at the time and date stated by 6 Platoon, B Company, 1 PWRR during its tour of Iraq in 2004.  The action is described in Richard Holmes’ book Dusty Warriors (pages 286-289).
The design intent for this mission was simply to depict this small action as described and create a quick, simple and fun mission that can be played in a single sitting a ‘beer and pretzels’ scenario if you will.  Therefore I sincerely hope that I have achieved that intent and that you have fun playing it.

Finally, this mission is dedicated to all of those in B Company, 1 PWRR who fought in Iraq in those extremely dangerous and challenging times.

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  1. Yet another very well done scenario by Combatintman who is a veteran scenario designer of both independent releases and of stock scenarios for BFC. His real world knowledge and expertise in the area of operations help to make his Middle East scenarios some of the most realistic and fun to play. In this scenario you have the tactical problem of reopening a Main Supply Route (MSR) where the MSR crosses a river. For this mission you get to use the Warrior IFV which I really enjoyed. CMSF does not have water or bridges however due to Combatintman’s skill as a scenario designer you will think it does. A great scenario. Take it for a spin. I do recommend the following mod for water created by @Pete Wenman:

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