Rock Around The Block Mk III

***Transferred from the Repository***

Company-sized scenario. Urban terrain. US vs. UNCON forces. Play as either side vs. AI or 2 player.

During a routine patrol in Sector 18, 3rd Platoon of “Rock” Company came under heavy small-arms fire from two apartment blocks south of Main Street. Incoming sniper fire from adjacent buildings has also been reported.
3rd Platoon has immediately called for backup and is now holding position at the northwest access road to Sector 18, awaiting further orders.

Changes from Mk IIa:

– Bradleys now have ERA armor
– M1A1 SEP Abrams exchanged with TUSK Abrams
– some force adjustments for Red
– added Blue AI plans

Scenario requires CMSF Base Game v1.10 or later


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