Attack on Verrieries Ridge (H2H)

*Commonwealth Forces Add On Required*

Attack on Verrieries Ridge (H2H Only)
Allied Probe. Medium+
The game is a fictitious meeting engagement
between Canadian forces and the Waffen SS,
near the Verrières Ridge, a belt of high
ground which dominates the route from Caen
to Falaise.
On July 1944, at 1200 hours, scouts from both
sides reported back to their HQ’s. The weather
on this day is clear, warm and dry with a gentle
wind from the west.
Your Objectives the bridges and roads leading to
the surrounding terrain.

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1 thought on “Attack on Verrieries Ridge (H2H)

  1. This is a nice straightforward engagement with lots of opportunities. Very manageable unit sizes, yet the terrain offers challenges. Really enjoyed it. Played Canadians against the AI, and expected more resistance at the village on the stream. Thank you for the effort.

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