Assault at Huberderie

Huberderie, near Periers, 20 km west of St Lo. Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy.
Mist and fine rain. Light wind.

Units from the117th Reg. of the 30th American Division and the743rd Armored Battalion  exploit a gap in the enemy lines and move southwest to crack the next nut.

Small company sized battle. 40+Turns. Allied Vs AI ONLY.



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1 thought on “Assault at Huberderie

  1. The map is quite good but the time is way too short (the length of time should really be doubled). In addition the strength of the German units vs. the American units is heavily out of balance given that the Americans are attacking. Cut the number of German AT units by half and weaken the German infantry by 25% and the game would be better balanced.

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