In Mid August the 4th Canadian Armoured Division Drives
towards Chambois in the South and Falaise in the East. The
German 7th Army is in full retreat. Their only hope is the road
through Falaise.  But with US forces racing from the South
and British fighter bombers roaming the skies of Normandy
un-molested, the situation looks bleak.

Mark Ezra

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1 thought on “CW – A ROYAL PAIN

  1. Edge of your chair battle! Wow, talk about a cliffhanger right to the end! Finally took out the Tiger, but only got a Draw so I’m assuming my losses were just too heavy. Great design, and very challenging. Lots of different ways to go, great choice of troops, both attacker and defender. For a small scenario, this is one I’d rate right up there. Thank you!

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