CW – TWC Shooting the Messengers

Designed for play solo as either side, or H2H in either real time or turn-based play.

By the fourth day of Operation BLUECOAT, the Guards Armoured Division had penetrated the German front line and had split into two main battle groups. The Grenadiers battle group was driving south of Cathéolles. The hamlet of Drouet, standing before the main objective of Montchauvet, became the objective of both the Guards Armoured and the Hohenstaufen.

A despatch rider, SS-Sturmann Hermann Alber, along with a number of other messengers and headquarters staff, helped stiffen the defence of the remnants of a shattered Army regiment in Drouet. This screen of troops was pushed back towards the hamlet, and the arrival of the Hohenstaufen was enough to ensure that the day’s fighting ended in a draw.

Map size: 700m x 700m

Force size: company

Game length: 45 (variable)

Terrain Type: rural, rolling farmland

Weather and environmental conditions: dry, overcast

AI plans included for both sides.


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