9 thoughts on “CMBN TWC Victory via Vignory

  1. Rokko – thanks for that. I’m bad about citing all this stuff, though I am embarrassed to admit I had completely forgotten the “vehicle pack” is a “thing.” I just assume everyone has everything possible installed. The funny French half-tracks should have been a clue, but they were part of the standard OB so I really didn’t stop to think that this might be DLC. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll try and be more diligent in future. Note, I also got the name of my own scenario wrong – should be TWC rather than TWJ. I believe the downloaded file is correct, but I managed to mess up the upload data.

  2. A truck has 76mm ammo in it. I don’t see any 76mm weapons? Are there VL? Which way is the wind blowing?

  3. I don’t believe so…. I certainly haven’t read or seen anything to advise otherwise. Its a Mk VII up-gunned with a 95mm howitzer.

  4. I would suggest the scenario is then ‘semi-fictional’.

    The claim about H2H is odd. Has this actually been tested H2H? I suspect the worst player could just crush the Germans H2H.

    The 95mm weapon had awful accuracy with HE shells. I can not imagine the HEAT rounds were any better and probably much worse. They can, of course, hit and destroy AFV at outlandish ranges it seems. This is an example of nerfed modeling by BF.

    Again, buttoned up tanks spot incredibly well. Certain scenarios, whether designed to or not, showcase the mistakes that BF has made.

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