CW – Johanna Hoeve Farm

September 19th, 1944
1900 Hours
Johanna Hoeve Farm, northwest of Oosterbeek, Holland
2nd SS Panzer Korps
4th Para Brigade / 7th KOSB HQ and B Company
Made by: M1 Garand
STEAM: Third Eye
This scenario has AI plans and is fine to play H2H if wanted.
Based on Close Combat’s Johanna Hoeve map.
UPDATED July, 20th, 2013:
Added foxholes for British troops and 2 PIAT teams.
Removed 2 MG42 teams from German side.

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1 thought on “CW – Johanna Hoeve Farm

  1. This is good technical battle. How to overcome entrenched positions without losing everything. I’ve played this battle several times trying different approaches, and I believe it comes down to a battle of attrition. The attacker must bring as much fire power as possible and simply wait until enough defenders are eliminated before advancing. Patience is key. Very good design, and I like the changes.

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