Die Amis kommen !

july 17th 1944, time 06:45, weather with overcast and west gentle wind.

Oberleutnant Muller with your 2 Kompanie – II Battalion – 1058 RI – 91 Luftlande Division, your orders from the regiment are to defend the Douve river fords and bridges, from the west bank. At least one battalion of the US 358th IR is known to have reached its departure line in front of your area from our increasing radio intercepts. Armor, has also been heard during the night close to the front line.

Your task is to delay the “Amis”, the time for a Kampfgruppe with some tanks and mounted Infantry to rejoin you. You must deny, to the enemy, the control of La Rondehaye and Sainteny and avoid as much as you can heavy casualties. You must maintain 70% of your forces in a combat state, since your orders are to break contact during the next night and retreat to a new prepared, defence line 10 kilometers away.

Jabos are for the time being not reported over our operation area and the overcast will remain for most of the day preventing and or rending difficult any of their attack.

Snake Eye


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