4 thoughts on “CW First Clash

  1. A fun battle. Played Allied against AI. I’m impressed that you set it up so it could be played all different ways. I enjoyed it, liked the map. Lots of options. Well thought out. Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks Loren for the comments – really pleased you enjoyed it. Aye sorting out AI Plans for two mech sides engaging was a wee challenge but pleased it appears to have worked.

    Thanks again for the feedback – awra best!

  3. This scenario is broken. The briefing states that the Germans receive reinforcement Panzers, but they don’t. Without those reinforcements, the Germans have no chance to compete in the scenario.

  4. Yup – it’s completely FOOBARRed I’m afraid.

    I’ve checked it in-game engine 4 and the German OOB is screwed – with the Panzer IVs although appearing in the scenario editor do not appear in the 3D view. And for some reason so is the AI Plan as the AI group associated with the tanks is non-existent. Apologies, it’ll need a lot of work to rebuild and TBH I don’t have the time right now due to other commitments. Just to double check – you are using game engine 4?

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