Montebourg H2H Pack 1

The Montebourg H2H scenario pack 1

The first scenario pack contains three missions from my ‘Road to Montebourg’ campaign. These are:

La Grand Hameau
Le Hamelet

They have been scored to allow both sides the real chance to win a victory. Casualties taken in the course of the mission will matter to both sides but will be particularly punitive for the attacking player. Because they are adaptions of ‘historical’ missions, the US side is expected to control the objective at the end of the mission. However, to provide the German player with an incentive to fight, he will be rewarded with the win if he can hurt the US side badly in the course of the mission. They may lose the objective but they will still win the mission. Further, these casualty restrictions may actually allow the German side to contest an objective at the end of a mission.
Mission 1 – H2H La Grand Hameau

Is a small, Infantry-only mission on a tiny map. A single US Infantry company attacks a small complex of farm buildings as part of the fighting to secure the Georgian ridge on the 7th June. A very small German force is positioned in the complex and must attempt to inflict as many casualties upon the enemy force as possible.

Because there is very little chance of the Axis player successfully holding the objective at the end of this mission, he must have something to play for. Therefore, if the Axis player can inflict 30% or more casualties on the US force, then the victory will go to him. Without this casualty threshold, the most realistic result most Axis players could hope for would be a DRAW.

Mission duration: 40 minutes (+5 mins extra time)
Mission 2 – H2H Le Hamelet

Medium-sized combined arms action on a small map featuring a single US Infantry company with tanks and artillery in support assault a prepared German defensive position atop the Georgian ridge on the morning of 7th June. Germans have a number of powerful heavy weapons available to them in this mission which can badly hurt the US side if he is careless.

Once again, the US player will have to be mindful of the casualties he takes in the course of this mission.

Mission duration: 1 hour (+5 mins extra time)
Mission 3 – H2H Eroudeville

This is an adaption of the campaign finale and I had intended to have US air support in the original. For the H2Hversion, the air support has been reinstated so this mission has almost everything in it. Both sides have around two companies of Infantry supported by armour and lots of artillery at their disposal and are fighting on a large, and reasonably open, map. The German forces have received a bit of a buff in this version so both sides should have real chance to win this mission. Control of Eroudeville will be essential to win this mission. Both sides know this.

Mission duration: 1 hour 40 minutes (+15 mins extra time)

I plan to rework some other missions from this campaign as my schedule permits. I’d like to do some 2/505 PARA INF missions next.

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