Operation Eisenbahn

12th SS Panzer “Hitlerjugend” division task is to assault US sector. Kampfgruppe Krause (reinforced company) has to cross small stream, recon in force and seize (touch) several objectives on road to Caen-Argentan railroad. Prepare yourself for bocage fighting, narrow sunken Normandy-roads, poor intel and intense fighting.

1.1 – fixed grammar on briefing and designer’s nore. Made some changes to forces and AI.

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2 thoughts on “Operation Eisenbahn

  1. This is a challenging scenario that has some surprises for the German attacker. The map is good and the defending American forces are arrayed in depth. A couple of suggestions for improvement include tweaking the AI scripting for the American armor, which is a bit aggressive, resulting in making some of the American tanks easy kills. Another suggestion is to add more gaps in the hedgerows to enable the American infantry AI more room for maneuver. In my play the counter attacking American infantry were caught in epic kill sacks in between the hedgerows.

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