Montelimar, Operation Dragoon H2H

Elements of the US 36th Division must take the vital crossroads at the village of Montelimar to prevent the German withdrawl. The 11th Panzer Division and 3rd Luftwaffe Battle Group are there to stop them.



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2 thoughts on “Montelimar, Operation Dragoon H2H

  1. Playing this PBEM with a friend as the Germans. With about 36 minutes left the Germans received the tank platoon reinforcement which consisted of a single Panther. I moved it away from the exit hexes highlighted in green but for some reason it moved in to those hexes and disappeared like the convoy units that left the map. I don’t know if it was taking a short cut to the end hex I designated but I am going to re-plot the move but this turn only give the Panther an order to move a short distance, again away from the exit hexes. I told my friend who I am playing only that there is a major issue. The Germans need the Panther to have any chance of winning the scenario.

  2. There is a problem with this scenario with 36 minutes remaining. At that time the tank platoon reinforcement consisting of one Panther comes on. No matter what movement order I have give the Panther and I have no tried it twice, it moves directly to the green highlighted exit hexes and disappears from the map. I have told my friend who I am playing this scenario by PBEM only that there is a major issue with the scenario, hoping that you help me out since you are the designer of the scenario.

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