CW – Wittmann’s Swords at Villers Bocage

This is a very large map (around 1.5km wide by nearly 3km long). Loading times are around 5 to 8 minutes depending on your machine.

Players with lower spec machines may struggle to play this.

Due to the nature of this scenario and the terrain it’s been designed as either playing H2H (although not sure how ‘balanced’ this is as it’s a semi-historical type scenario) or Human versus Allied AI. There is a German AI plan so you can play as the Allies against the German AI BUT given the limitations of the AI this, at best, provides an interesting insight into the initial experience of the Allied tankers. First off possible SPOILER ALERT…..

The map is as faithful a recreation of the environs around Villers Bocage as I could make given the confines of the Combat Mission game engine, limitations of the aerial images and maps available. I’ve also tweaked history a little bit. The first 30 odd minutes of this action (arguably the most famous part) gives you, the gamer, a chance to emulate Wittmann’s attack. As you’ll find, recreating this on the digital battlefield illustrates just how lucky he was on the day. It’s tough to pull it off on the CMBN battlefield – more often than not your Tiger will be shot up, immobilised or have it’s main gun/optics knocked out.

From around 30 minutes on the latter part of the action makes the assumption that Bill Cotton from B Squadron managed to find a way through Villers Bocage on it’s southern side. This bit of pathfinding allows the rest of B Squadron to follow and attempt a counterattack against the Germans.


Icon of CW Wittmann's Swords At Villers Bocage CW Wittmann's Swords At Villers Bocage (2.1 MiB)


Author: George Mc

Treadhead peacenik with a fascination for recreating historical #armoured actions from the Eastern Front using Battlefront's Combat Mission.

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