CMBN TWC Tigers Attack at Tripsrath

When “C” Company of the 1st Worcesters secured Tripsrath in November 1944, they watched as Germans formed up and launched their usual counter-attack on neighbouring Rischden instead. “B” Company was left to face Tigers.

The battle of Geilenkirchen in November 1944 was notable for a number of reasons. It marked the first time troops of the British Army fought on German soil during the Second World War. It also represented a unique moment of co-operation, as the junction of the British and American forces in Northwest Europe was in the vicinity of the small city. In order to take Geilenkirchen, the 43rd (Wessex) Division and the U.S. 84th Infantry Division both attacked side by side deeper into the Siegfried Line.

North of Geilenkirchen, elements of the 1st Battalion, The Worcestershire Regiment managed to secure the village of Tripsrath. Heavy rains and mud prevented the supply of everything from food to anti-tank weapons. “C” Company repelled a counter-attack by the 15th Panzer Division during the morning of 19 November. At 11:00hrs, “C” Company watched grimly as infantry formed up in the woods to the west for another assault, with heavy tanks and self-propelled guns for support. To the amazement of “C” Company, the Germans proceeded at speed down the main road past their positions, making their way towards the positions of “B” Company in nearby Rischden. Tripsrath was temporarily cut off, but there was an opportunity to split the German counter-attack in two – if the right weapons could be found to deal with the enemy tanks.

Map size: 928 x 1280m

Game length 50

British force size: Two companies (reinforced).

Terrain type: rural

Weather and Environmental conditions: Rain, muddy.

Designed for play as British vs. AI, may be suitable for H2H. A couple of AI plans provided for the German side, and briefings provided for both sides. Feedback welcome. Designer’s notes included in scenario file.


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Author: Michael Dorosh

4 thoughts on “CMBN TWC Tigers Attack at Tripsrath

  1. Wile being certainly a unique scenario I find the game to be somewhat underwhelming given that you defend in a very passive way for the most part, hitting next turn. The terrain is minimal and is entirely flat, with scads of AI German infantry sprinting a gauntlet of fire down a paved road to reach a far village. No really my cup of tea. Sorry.

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