Chance Encounter 2.0 CMBN

Attention: please exchange your older “Chance Encounter CMBN” download with this new version from June, the 22th.

Changes from version 1.0 to 2.0

– some typos corrected

– minor graphic map glitch deleted.

– added unit objectives ( forgot that in the first version)

– modified terrain objectives

This scenario was originally released as an add-on for CMBO the beta demo, at Christmas 1999. It was later also released as part of the Gold Demo.It depicted a meeting engagement late in the war between an American rifle company supported by Sherman tanks, and a German rifle company supported by assault guns.The terrain depicted a rural crossroads overlooked by a forested hill. Chance Encounter has remained a popular scenario and versions of this battle have been recreated by third parties in Combat Mission: Afrika Korps and even Combat Mission: Shock Force.
(source WIKIPEDIA)
And now you can enjoy this gem with CMBN too!  Because of the differences between the CMx1 and CMx2 game engines I had to make a few changes to the original OOB (no German Volksgrenadier units and no “tankriders” in CMBN for example), but I believe this won´t spoil the gameplay.  I hope you like my “free artistic expression” on the new and MUCH more detailled map.
Chance Encounter CMBN comes with five AI settings for each side, so you can play it as single-player scenario (the AI should give you a good run for the money..), but I suggest to use it primary for H2H games.

This is my first scenario for CMBN.  Next one will be a remake of the CMBO classic “valley Of Trouble”.  If you find flaws or bugs feel free to drop me a PM on the Combat Mission Forum (my username is TCMHQ).

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