[CMBN] Lehr Uniform Wrap

Lehr Uniform Wrap
This mod builds on another author's mod by overwriting his m43 uniforms with renamed assault gun wraps appropriate to Panzer Lehr. This is a work-around. The result is not 3D perfect but adequate. My apologies to the original author for forgetting his name. All are mod-tagged but the tags can be removed if you wish.

Lehr_MT: This folder contains the original author's Panzer Lehr uniform with m43, wraps and smocks. Lehr is identified by the shoulder boards. This must be installed. Mod-tagged [lehr].
Lehr_Wrap_MT: This is my corrected uniform with m43 replaced with wraps. Install this in addition to Lehr-MT if you want the historical wrap. Mod-tagged [lehr]. 
Lehr_Rank_MT: These are the Panzer Lehr shoulder boards for Juju's GUI. Mod-tagged [lehrnk].

I am not a 3D modder nor very capable resulting in a single uniform for all the grenadiers - no variation. Also, as a result of having to overwrite the m43 model, the hem of the wrap is longer than historical. If more capable modders are willing to modify this mode further, please do! 

Wim Oudshoorn


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