Vin’s Arrow Unit Bases

This mod changes the unit bases to an arrow which makes it much more easier to tell which way units are facing even from higher above while eliminating the majority of the base underneath the unit. This improves the way the units look giving them a much cleaner look while maintaining maximum function of the base. I think many will find these an improvement over the stock bases in function, and attractiveness. They can be used with CMBN,CMFI,CMSF

There are multiple arrow types as well as other alternate shapes such as a pentagon to choose from. The default set has the bright thick arrow bases. To use different bases just swap the arrow folders out of the default folder. You can only use one base style at a time of green, or yellow, but you can make a new folder for a personal mix & match yellow, and green combo such as thick faded green arrow with thick bright yellow arrow. That is the combo I like best for low light battles. I use the default of bright thick green, and yellow for day battles.

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