Aris CMBN Horizons

After some requests in BFC forum I upload these horizons for you to check them and, maybe, use them. I consider them unfinished.

Known issues: texture seams are not perfect and some gaps are visible on certain parts, specially when zoomed in.They blend well with clear and hazy days, but no so well in fully overcast days.

Original pictures were more than 10.000 pixels wide and were HARD to find!! Horizon modding is a headache,…

Clouds for non overcast days are HD.They cast shadows that travel too fast when shaders are activated, nothing I can or (want to) do for now.

Choose either Set 1 or Set 2 and drop the corresponding folder to Z.There are two textures for new clouds: “alpha clouds” and “alpha clouds2”, so throw “HD clouds” folder to Z too.

To sum up, check them in-game, you may like them anyway.

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